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LiFePO4 battery 24V 100Ah

LiFePO4 battery 24V 100Ah

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Notre reference: RNS B24100
Reference usine: B24100
Lithium Iron battery 24V 26,6Ah with built-in BMS protection system. Very enduring, its lifetime is more than 2.000 charge / discharge cycles.
This battery replaces a GEL or AGM lead battery without modification.

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Data sheet

RNS B24100
26600 g
M8 bolt
24 V
Electro-chemical couple
Factory Reference
100 Ah
This battery functions like a lead GEL or AGM battery. It can be recharged using the same charger. This battery has no memory effect and can be recharged at any time without having to be fully discharged. It can be completely discharged (100%) without risk of damage or decreasing its service life. As a safeguard, this battery has a disconnect safety feature for when its charge is low.
  • It can recharge rapidly within 1 hour, depending on the recharging system used.
  • This battery is light, weighing 2.5 to 5 times less depending on the application.
  • It has an extra long service life, up to 5 times longer than a traditional lead battery.
  • It has an excellent yield of approximately 95%. For applications using solar panels or wind turbines, when it is important to not waste the energy produced.
  • It uses technology that ensures there is no risk of fire or explosion.
  • This battery is environmentally friendly. It does not contain toxic or dangerous materials that endanger human health or the environment.
Replacing this battery is very easy and does not require any modifications. Simply remove the old battery and replace it with the new one. Replacement is a 5-minute task.

This battery is guaranteed for 3 years.



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